HBF run for a reason 2019

It was a cold autumn Sunday morning, the temperature was as low as 3 degrees Celsius in Perth, the day after the last episode and season of the Games of Throne.. confirmed that ‘winter is coming’. But over 30 000 Perth runners flooded the main arteries in the city as if the white walkers we invading.

Another year another run, and we are out shooting for Marathon Photos, and international agency covering huge sporting events all over around the world. Here’s some shot from the day..

Perth Event Photography shooting HBF RUN 2019
Perth Event Photography shooting HBF RUN 2019
Perth Event Photography shooting HBF RUN 2019
Perth Event Photography photographer shooting HBF RUN 2019

The sun greeted the chilling morning with warm rays of love, making the day a perfect day for a day out! we hope to catch you out there again at the city to surf for another great perth event photography!

Product shoot for – May 2017

We recently had the pleasure to support another great organisation with a great concept,

Empowering chicks is a passionate girl tribe who want to empower girls in third world countries through education.

We know that opportunities are abundant for women in developed countries and this is not the case for 62 million girls who are denied an education simply because they were born a girl.

100% of the profits from Empowering Chicks products are spent on educating girls in developing countries.

When a girl receives the gift of education her life changes.
She is less likely to be married off as a child bride,
every year she stays in school her income will increase by 10% – 20%,
each extra year a mother is educated reduces the probability of infant mortality by 5% to 10%.

An educated girl will marry when she is ready – and have a smaller, healthier family and educate her children.

Empowering Chicks are dedicated to empower girls and women to be in control of their own lives

So please join us by supporting them by purchasing their quality products! check it out at their facebook page and instagram, their website will also be available soon..

here are some of the products we shot for them, candles with different fragrances and hopefully more later.




Perth HBF run for a reason 28th May 2017

A great day for the annual HBF run for a reason, where thousands of people in Perth participate for various reasons.. mainly good i hope.. also an opportunity for fellow Perth Photographers to catch up shooting for International Photography Agency, Marathon Photos annually. We have shot this race for quite a number of years now (lost count) but its always fun, with the early cold morning.. but i must say, it always turnout to be a great day of sunshine, maybe its just the wonderful weather we have here in Perth! Its always interesting to see the thousands of different types of people joining this run for a good cause.. attached are some pics taken on the day..

She looks like a model i shot a few years back.. Astrid.. is that you?

listening to music .. while running.. best idea ever!

This is what most people end up.. doing in the run.. they walk.. 😀

Artwork Photography

Very recently we had the task to ‘save’ a mural artwork done by the staff of the Department of Employment of the Australian Government, not a common photography job request that one would get, but definitely a challenge. The brief was, part of an office wall in QV1 building was painted by the staff a few years back, but because they moved floors the wall art would eventually be strip of for the next commercial occupants. The wall measure over 7 meters in length and nearly 2.7 meter in height, added to the challenge was, the in build furnitures and different wall dimension where the art was. We did an on site consultation and noted the ‘challenges’ that we will be facing.

The Wall Mural at the Department of Employment, Government of Australia

As you can see above, a picture from the onsite free consultation, not the cleanest capture by camera, the wall has its corners, side furnitures, over head projector screen and all, there will be quite a bit of photoshopping and ‘art’ inclusion to produce a clean final piece.

We shot the mural a couple of weeks later, and worked on it on Photoshop, I must say, this job requires more than the average imagination and creativity to recreate the whole piece again. Once the artwork was completed, we send the final digital proof to our client for approval before print. We found the mural was quite long and would benefited from separating them into 2 pieces of artwork that could be connected in the middle. It will also make transportation of the canvas easier for our clients, they agreed to it,  and hence:


This is the final image modification, but it needs to be divided into 2 for the canvas. Some of the obvious modification here is the bottom left, middle top, getting rid of the projector screen and also the right where the wall was folded.

The final product, came out beautifully and we personally delivered it to the client that was very happy with the results!



Travis 21st

I had the privilege of shooting the 21st birthday party of Travis on Saturday 23/6/12. A fantastic mix of family and friends turned up at the Tuscan Club in Balcatta to celebrate Travis’ milestone.

Here are a selection of the photos from the night:


Tuscan Club. Fantastic venue for a function.


One of the popular chocolate fountains at the party.


Dancing queens!


Travis testing out one of his birthday presents.


Fighting over a chocolate treat!


Glamourous girls at the party.

Birthday boy is the centre of attention.


Blowing out the final candle.

Congratulations Travis!

– Photos by Julius Pang