Why Professional Photography Matters For Businesses?

by Isabella Morgan

No one should judge a book by its covers—but when people are looking for a solution to address their issues, that’s precisely what they do. Readers are 80% more likely to connect with information if it is accompanied by a picture and 65% more likely to retain what they heard or read.

“Nowadays, people go online when they need something. They search, click the search result, and land on your website. When a website loads, do users see a bland, generic screen with offers or do they see the smiling faces of a friendly, helpful team? That is the distinction that using professional photos can create for a business,” says business owner and kids party planner Jessica Salazar of Balloons Sydney

“Eye appeal is buy appeal,” and it conveys to potential customers that you are doing business professionally and with a commitment to quality. The following six explanations will convince you to invest in professional photography for your business.

1. Professional Photography Has Exceptional Quality

No matter how impressive your phone’s camera is, it will never be able to match the calibre of work done by professionals. Years of expertise and top-notch equipment ensure the final photographs are of the highest quality and ideal for the platforms you plan to use them on, including your website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

2. Good Photos Makes Our Brains Happy

Scientific research has shown that the human brain prefers to communicate through visuals. In other words, images appeal to our thoughts better than words. High-quality photos draw in viewers, convey ideas, and raise brand awareness. 

Studies have shown that people create opinions about the websites they visit in under a second. Although they may stay on your website if they require a product, service, or piece of information, they’ve already made an immediate impression about what they want and don’t want. This isn’t supposed to scare you; it’s meant to motivate you to start making your visual online reputation as solid and accurate as who you are as possible.

 3. Professional Photos Are Worth The Money

Business owners could be tempted to discount professional photography due to the up-front expenses. The good news is that a professional photo can be a very cost-effective investment you can make. A collection of well-shot photos would give your business valuable publicity and help you establish a strong brand identity. 

4. Professional Photographs Provide An Accurate Visual Representation Of Your Brand

Since people relate to one another, displaying photos of your actual employees, workplace, and the company offers potential clients an opportunity to connect with you before you’ve ever met. This cannot be understated, particularly in fields where professional services are provided, such as banking and health, where client retention depends on credibility and relationship. Even if stock photographs are an option, your clients won’t see them as credible as they don’t characterise your actual business, product, or service.

5. Stock Images Lack Authenticity

The major disadvantage of utilising stock photographs is that anybody may purchase and use them; thus, there is a significant possibility that another business is using the same image. A visitor’s perception of your brand may also be impacted by correlations made by a picture on your website with a company with whom they have had a negative encounter. Stock photographs have their place and time, but we’re not suggesting you shouldn’t use them.

Inspire, Explore, Create & Showcase—Let The Photos Do The “Business” In Doing Business

When you give customers ways to see your business as more than just a product or service, they feel like they’re part of an experience or community. This makes them want to return for more, bringing along their friends. 

Hiring a professional photographer is the way to go! 

Perth Photography can help give your business the edge with photographs that help shape your brand for success. We provide professional headshots, product and advertisment, customised photography courses, and event photography—all tax deductable. 

We’re not blowing our own horns, but many have been happy with our services as shown by our  perfect Google reviews.

Are you prepared to hire a professional photographer for your business? Or want to know more about the advantages of professional photos and how they can successfully showcase your business? 

Reach out to the Perth Photography team to discuss how we can help you grow your business!

Perth Curtin University funky work station

Perth Commercial Advertising Assignment at Curtin University

perth advertising commercial photography curtin university product shots
perth advertising commercial photography curtin university product shots

We had the opportunity to work with Terrain group, https://www.terraingroup.com.au, a company based in Adelaide, South Australia to shoot some of their funky designed workstation installation in one of the biggest and popular University in Australia, Curtin University in Bentley, Western Australia. 


We didn’t have the opportunity to meet and discuss about the assignment but thanks to modern technology we were able to get the brief and requirements via the phone and email exchanges. The objective of the assignment was really to showcase the final product of their latest installation at their client’s location.

Curtin University is an innovative, global university known for its high-impact research, strong industry partnerships and commitment to preparing students for jobs of the future. It has some of the latest facilities in the country at its campuses. https://www.curtin.edu.au/

perth advertising commercial photography curtin university product shots
perth advertising commercial photography curtin university product shots

Very unique looking outdoor workstation where students can hangout or do their work on a nice day!

perth advertising commercial photography curtin university product shots
perth advertising commercial photography curtin university product shots

A great design that compliment the architecture of the surrounding buildings increases the appeal and value of the overall campus design. 

perth advertising commercial photography curtin university product shots
perth advertising commercial photography curtin university product shots

For this project, our client only had to describe what they needed for their image requirements and send a few sample images and they don’t even need to be present to supervise. We organised all the production, from the model selection, dates, props and got proofs ready for our clients to view and choose the final images within days. So if you need professional photos for your business whatever it may be, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call for a free consultation at info@perthphotography.com or 0411532843

HBF run for a reason 2019

It was a cold autumn Sunday morning, the temperature was as low as 3 degrees Celsius in Perth, the day after the last episode and season of the Games of Throne.. confirmed that ‘winter is coming’. But over 30 000 Perth runners flooded the main arteries in the city as if the white walkers we invading.

Another year another run, and we are out shooting for Marathon Photos, and international agency covering huge sporting events all over around the world. Here’s some shot from the day..

Perth Event Photography shooting HBF RUN 2019
Perth Event Photography shooting HBF RUN 2019
Perth Event Photography shooting HBF RUN 2019
Perth Event Photography photographer shooting HBF RUN 2019

The sun greeted the chilling morning with warm rays of love, making the day a perfect day for a day out! we hope to catch you out there again at the city to surf for another great perth event photography!

Product shoot for EmpoweringChicks.com – May 2017

We recently had the pleasure to support another great organisation with a great concept,

Empowering chicks is a passionate girl tribe who want to empower girls in third world countries through education.

We know that opportunities are abundant for women in developed countries and this is not the case for 62 million girls who are denied an education simply because they were born a girl.

100% of the profits from Empowering Chicks products are spent on educating girls in developing countries.

When a girl receives the gift of education her life changes.
She is less likely to be married off as a child bride,
every year she stays in school her income will increase by 10% – 20%,
each extra year a mother is educated reduces the probability of infant mortality by 5% to 10%.

An educated girl will marry when she is ready – and have a smaller, healthier family and educate her children.

Empowering Chicks are dedicated to empower girls and women to be in control of their own lives

So please join us by supporting them by purchasing their quality products! check it out at their facebook page and instagram, their website will also be available soon..



here are some of the products we shot for them, candles with different fragrances and hopefully more later.




Perth HBF run for a reason 28th May 2017

A great day for the annual HBF run for a reason, where thousands of people in Perth participate for various reasons.. mainly good i hope.. also an opportunity for fellow Perth Photographers to catch up shooting for International Photography Agency, Marathon Photos annually. We have shot this race for quite a number of years now (lost count) but its always fun, with the early cold morning.. but i must say, it always turnout to be a great day of sunshine, maybe its just the wonderful weather we have here in Perth! Its always interesting to see the thousands of different types of people joining this run for a good cause.. attached are some pics taken on the day..

She looks like a model i shot a few years back.. Astrid.. is that you?

listening to music .. while running.. best idea ever!

This is what most people end up.. doing in the run.. they walk.. 😀