PERTH PHOTOGRAPHY offers various photography workshops and courses for all levels and ages, it is run by established and professional photographers in Perth. The workshops and lessons are conducted in Perth’s most popular professional studio (an actual Commercial Photography Studio) located in the heart of the city on Pier street. 

The most unique course that is exclusive to Perth Photography is the Tailored Complete Professional Photographer course, this course is a one on one coaching and mentoring course with the objective to create a competent professional photographer. Upon completing this course, the student will be competent and set up to start a photography business part or full time anywhere in the world. An investment that will last a lifetime.

Available courses

Perth Photography | Get To Know Your Camera Course

get to know your camera course

You just got yourself a fancy new camera, or smart phone and it looks like it can do more than taking a photo with the button! You want to learn more about it but the manual is not very friendly. But you want to learn how to take beautiful photos with it, you know it can.. yes with the right guidance. We have a special course here run by professional photographers to teach you how to use your camera and maximise its features. We will also teach you..

  • How to control exposure
  • Auto exposure mode
  • Different preset modes
  • How to use the white balance
  • Understanding ISO
  • Different focusing methods
  • how to shoot manually
  • how to get that picture you always wanted!!
Perth Wedding Photographer | Perth Photography


This course is designed for those who wants to start shooting weddings as an interests or professionally.  

Unlike other courses out there, you get one on one attention from an experienced and successful wedding photographer, everything you need to know from the very start to finish. 

It includes theory and practical, and a mock up wedding. At the end of the course you will get a chance to shoot a real wedding with an experience photographer with on the job tips. You will also get to use the photos from the real wedding for your portfolio! This course is within the span of 8 to 12 weeks. Checkout some of our recent students testimony @

perth photography wedding course

Perth Photography Courses & Workshops

career in photography!!

Do you have a passion in photography and wish you could turn it into your part or full time profession? 

Look no further, this unique program will be tailor designed to your dreams and aspirations.

The only one-on-one coaching, training and mentoring program to fast track your career in photography.

Work side by side with experienced industry professionals and start earning from your passion as fast as 8 weeks from this highly personalised program. This program can also be run online and anywhere that has internet connection.

Checkout some of our students testimony

at the Perth Photography Courses



Perth Event Photographer Course | Perth Photography




This specialised Event Photography Course is designed to create a part or full time Event photographers in a period of 4 to 12 weeks. (skills & experience dependent)


The course uses a combination of theory, practical, experience, 1 on 1 coaching + mentoring, industry resources and connections to equip eager students to start their career in this industry as soon as possible!


Unlike traditional organisations like universities and colleges where they mainly focus on filling up seats in their outdated lectures and treating all their students like a manufactured factory production, with us you get customised attention and solutions to achieve your real potential in a fraction of the time the traditional school takes. Our course is very specialise and will also increase your chances of doing what you desire to do in this industry.


In this course you learn only what you need to learn to be equipped for the job in this day and age, be specially trained and guided to maximise the use of your passion and resources by a working professional who is currently and has been in the industry for over 15 years! Be instantly connected with his experience, resources, contacts and hard earned networks.


The course is designed for those who are genuinely interested in making photography into a real profession, it is not an instant solution, real guided work & training needs to be invested into this program to achieve the results, but unlike traditional ‘schools’ we focus on what really matters, quality over quantity and groom you into a specialist in this profession


Learn the secrets and methods of being a successful photographer and ways to improve your skills beyond your dreams.


This unique course has  limited amount of spaces to ensure the quality of small groups training, 1 on 1 coaching,  and mentoring attention given to students. Therefore a short application process is required to determine if a student prerequisite and attitude is met by our standards. Click here to Apply 


The Course includes


Minimum photography equipment required

Legal & Documentation requirements

Event Photography skills development and training

Real life experience photography assignments and feedback

Portfolio building and presentation

Business skills and development 

Business set up

Marketing set up

Organic promotions

Advertising strategies

Sales process

Marketing strategies

Networking strategies

Action and monitoring plans

Key secrets to being a successful event photographer

Standard Operating Procedure of an event

Key photos to capture

Latests online Photographer resources

Valuable 6 Months Mentoring and Coaching


Checkout some of our students testimony

at the Perth Photography Courses



Perth Portrait Photography Course

Perth Portrait Photography workshop is our latest addition to our perth courses collections.

This course specialises in Portraiture photography, it goes from 4 to 8 weeks, starting with theory together with weekly shooting workshops with models in small groups of 2 to 4. 

Shooting in natural, studio and low lighting led by experienced Perth Portraiture specialist. Learn the tips and trick of the art of portrait photography with plenty of hands on training and professional feedback to improve your skills in capturing the best of a person’s portraiture.

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Checkout one of our recent success story from our Perth Wedding Photography courses with Amaarah Samnakay

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