Product shoot for – May 2017

We recently had the pleasure to support another great organisation with a great concept,

Empowering chicks is a passionate girl tribe who want to empower girls in third world countries through education.

We know that opportunities are abundant for women in developed countries and this is not the case for 62 million girls who are denied an education simply because they were born a girl.

100% of the profits from Empowering Chicks products are spent on educating girls in developing countries.

When a girl receives the gift of education her life changes.
She is less likely to be married off as a child bride,
every year she stays in school her income will increase by 10% – 20%,
each extra year a mother is educated reduces the probability of infant mortality by 5% to 10%.

An educated girl will marry when she is ready – and have a smaller, healthier family and educate her children.

Empowering Chicks are dedicated to empower girls and women to be in control of their own lives

So please join us by supporting them by purchasing their quality products! check it out at their facebook page and instagram, their website will also be available soon..

here are some of the products we shot for them, candles with different fragrances and hopefully more later.




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