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Perth Photography: A Journey of Passion and Expertise

The vibrant story of Perth Photography finds its roots in the mid-2000s when David Chong uncovered the undeniable truth that his destiny lay in the pursuit of his passion for photography. What began as a personal discovery soon transformed into a journey marked by dedication, artistic exploration, and the pursuit of excellence.


David’s initial steps involved capturing the essence of friendship through photographs of his friends. In those moments, he found immense joy in revealing the very best in each person, understanding the unique power of photography to portray individuals in their most authentic light. This discovery ignited a flame within him, propelling his passion further, and inspiring him to invest not just time and effort but also his heart into his photography dream.


Fueling his ambition, David immersed himself in the captivating work of some of the world’s most renowned photographers. To refine his skills, he embraced the opportunity to assist established and experienced photographers, absorbing their knowledge and honing both technical and artistic dimensions of his craft, especially in the realm of portraiture photography.


The evolution of David’s talent didn’t stop there. Over the years, he expanded his horizons by exploring various genres of photography, including events, advertising, fashion, commercial endeavours, and video production. His insatiable curiosity and love for creating beautiful art through photography led him to diverse subjects – from modelling, family portraits, events, magazines, weddings, and corporate shoots to advertising campaigns, government projects, studio sessions, family gatherings, balls, flight attendants, actors, passport photos, and practically everything that required visual representation.


In 2011, David’s prowess reached new heights when he was invited by the cabinet of the prime minister to tender for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Australia. Following the submission of his bid, he and his team received the incredible news of being selected as the official photographers for this premier event. A defining moment awaited him as he was tasked with capturing the official family photo of the 52 heads of states, including the esteemed Her Majesty the Queen.


The journey of Perth Photography embodies the fusion of passion, skill, and an unwavering commitment to artistic expression. From capturing the essence of friendship to photographing global dignitaries, David Chong’s odyssey through the lens reflects the transformative power of photography as a medium of storytelling and artistry.

CHOGM 2011 | Perth Events Photographer

Since then, Perth Photography has specialised in Perth Portraiture photography, Perth Advertising photography, Perth Event photography, Perth Video production, and customised Perth photography courses.

David’s natural and flexible style is complemented by a steadfast focus on meeting the needs and objectives of his customers. Customer satisfaction isn’t just a goal; it’s a philosophy deeply ingrained in his passion for photography. His commitment to excellence is unwavering—no project is complete until the customer is entirely satisfied.

What sets Perth Photography apart is the personalised and customised service offered to each client. Every project is a unique masterpiece, reflecting the distinct requirements and vision of the client.

For instant communication and inquiries, drop Perth Photography a message via text or WhatsApp at 0411532843. If messaging from overseas, use +61411532843. Experience the artistry, dedication, and personalised service that define Perth Photography.

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