AMY & LIAM’s wedding

It was the 3rd of March 2012..  a beautiful day for a wedding, and it was Amy and Liam’s day.. we started the day by arriving at the Amy’s hotel/apartment at 1pm. All the bride’s maid were in their special bath robes, busy getting organised and ready… the apartment had a spiral staircase going up to the roof! the perfect place to get first shots of the girls in their pre-wedding gowns!

and as usual, or the regular details of the prep for the wedding were shot..

the dress was fabulous, but it took all 4 brides’ maid to get the bride in it.. first it seem impossible, but with dedicated efforts and multiple skills, the bride maids fit the bride in perfectly!

once the bride is in the dress.. words cannot describe how beautiful she looked in it, that dress was definitely the right choice for her..

We took more shots of Amy and her family and with all the brides’ maid before the Limo arrived, and when it arrive, it was our cue to hit the road and get to the church!

The ceremony was held at Aquinas College Chapel, a very nice Chapel within the school, when we arrive, we took some picture of the boys anxiously waiting..

the ceremony was beautiful, short and sweet.. Aquinas Chapel is overall a very nice chapel to be married in, the only thing is the limited amount of light that is available within the chapel is a challenge and would need all the proper equipment and skills to capture attractive images..

we got the newly wed and everybody down to a wide field for a big group shot! After the group shot we were off to Fremantle for location shots..

fremantle is full of historical buildings that is picture perfect for its rustic classic quality images, this is a typical spot that make it into many wedding albums..

wedding photography can be challenging and tiring at times, getting the right crew/assistant is essential for maximising photo quality, its hard to get a good assistant these days, but as you can see here Linda can even walk on air, smile and carry a camera!! Awesome job Linda.. you are amazing! following are some more location shots done at Maltida bay, next to the University of Western Australia at the perfect time!

the reception was held at the Royal Perth Club, which was just down the road where the last location shot was done..  it was the perfect evening, temperature and wind wise.. a great way to conclude an eventful day.What a fairy tale wedding Amy & Liam had.. it was an honoured to be able to capture it and make it last forever…


Make up: Gail Wilton

Second Photographer/Assistant: Linda Wigert /PerthPhotography

Photography: David Chong /PerthPhotography

Preparation: Mount Bay Apartments

Ceremony: Aquinas Chapel

Location: Fremantle, Maltida Bay

Reception: Perth Royal  yacht Club


.. and they live happily ever after…

a quick slide show preview.. can be seen here..


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