Perth HBF run for a reason 28th May 2017

A great day for the annual HBF run for a reason, where thousands of people in Perth participate for various reasons.. mainly good i hope.. also an opportunity for fellow Perth Photographers to catch up shooting for International Photography Agency, Marathon Photos annually. We have shot this race for quite a number of years now (lost count) but its always fun, with the early cold morning.. but i must say, it always turnout to be a great day of sunshine, maybe its just the wonderful weather we have here in Perth! Its always interesting to see the thousands of different types of people joining this run for a good cause.. attached are some pics taken on the day..

She looks like a model i shot a few years back.. Astrid.. is that you?

listening to music .. while running.. best idea ever!

This is what most people end up.. doing in the run.. they walk.. 😀

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